Nansee Greenwitch

Sometimes the Universe taps you on the shoulder and says "Hello, pay attention!" This happened to me as I was taking artwork down from a wall next to a I moved pieces past the silvery glass I noticed that the reverse image created astonishing symmetry, depth and complexity to the design. I began to explore this phenomenon with my photographs and have created a body of work that continues to captivate my imagination. To me these images embody the multidimensional, fractal magic of Nature, where everything is alive and communicating with us.

This quote from the mission statement of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore feels true to my process:

"Visionary art...refers to art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself...The most common theme of visionary artists worldwide is the backyard recreation of the Garden of Eden and other utopian visions...quite literally building heaven on earth."

Blessed Be!